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International Sustainability Expert

Hans Kröder was directly involved in the development of two international standards for Social Responsibility (ISO 26000) and Sustainable Procurement (ISO 20400). Both are holistic and practical frameworks for implementing the UN Agenda 2030 on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Think global and act local.

Circular Economy
Since January 2019 Hans Kröder is involved in the new ISO Circular Economy committee (TC 323) for the development of five ISO standards (with serie number ISO 590xx). Hans is Convenor for the ISO/TC 323 Working Group 3  ‘Measuring Circularity’.

ISO 26000 Stakeholders Global Network
Hans Kröder is Vice Chair of the ISO 26000 Stakeholders Global Network since October 2018 till October 2022. From May 2010 till July 2018 Hans was member of the Post Publication Organization / Strategic Advisory Group for ISO 26000.


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ISO 26000 Best practice handbook

For large and medium sized organizations

This handbook is about implementing Social Responsibility into an organization with the use of ISO 26000. This practical guide also gives the results and lessons learned of all nine best practice cases.

How can I use the ISO 26000 standard in an effective way? Which tools are helpful?

It offers helpful findings of the experts and shows the added value of ISO 26000 for the implementation of SR.

Please have a look at:

And benefit from four free tools!

ISO 26000 handbook for SMEs

Handbook ‘Sustainable profit for SMEs – A useful step-by-step plan ISO 26000’

This handbook is about social responsibility for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

  • What can you do as an entrepreneur to do business in a sustainable way?
  • Is it feasible or only possible for large corporations?
  • Can you contribute to society, environment and economy in a few steps? Certainly!

In this handbook, we explain how to gain sustainable profit using seven practical steps based on ISO 26000. With practical examples and tips for the seven core subjects of ISO 26000.

Authors: Hans Kröder and Jaap de Vries (Dzyzzion)

Download this handbook for free at the website: