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SDG Voyager: a free download to a better world

Do we need a united Agenda more than ever? Sustainability experts all over the world are now emphasizing the importance of the UN Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. They are inviting politicians, CEOs and world leaders to put the SDGs on top of mind. Focus on value for […]

Is a share economy and inclusive society closer than ever?

Will the crisis result in a share economy and inclusive society? Following up our recent Blog of 3 April that included the message of UN Secretary General António Guterres, where he also responded to the Corona crisis as follows: “At this unusual moment, we cannot resort to the usual tools. […]

UN Secretary General: ‘crisis must lead to a better world’

Statement of UN Secretary General on Thursday 2 April 2020 UN Secretary General António Guterres has given an impressive and powerful message on Thursday 2nd April 2020. He emphasized the importance of paying attention to the most vulnerable groups of societies and massively increase the resources available to the developing world. […]

How to deal with big financial losses versus sustainability?

A nightmare for CEOs Major unexpected financial problems or even disasters are hitting many large, medium and small enterprises throughout the world. Addressing the negative impacts of the Corona crisis is a nightmare for CEOs and Management. Sustainability is NOT top of mind. Even sustainable enterprises are struggling with the […]