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Profit from ISO 20400

Organizations and can profit from a variety of workshop and training sessions for:

CEOs, (General) Management, Staff, Procurement professionals, budget holders, Contract managers

Workshop ISO 20400 Policy

Target group: (General) Management, Staff, Procurement Management and Professionals, Budget holders. Duration: 4 hours

Workshop content:

This module helps to develop a Sustainable Procurement Policy, that will strengthen both the organizational objectives and a sustainable supply chain.

Learning points

The participants will receive expertise for the following topics:

What is Sustainable Procurement?

What are the Principles of Sustainable Procurement?

Which drivers for Sustainable Procurement can be important for the organization?

What are the key approaches for Sustainable Procurement?

How to align the Procurement Policy with the own policy and sustainability?

How to improve Supplier Codes of Conduct?

Workshop ISO 20400 Implementation

Target group: Staff, Procurement people, Contract managers, Budget holders, Management. Duration: 8 hours

Workshop content:

This module will learn Procurement people how to implement sustainable procurement in a professional way.

This can only be done by collaboration of procurement professionals together with staff and budgetholders. Budgetholders can be Projectmanagers or Managers who decide about the needs and money or investments.

Learning points

Participants will learn the following topics:

Using different approaches to set priorities.

Analysing the costs (Total Cost of Ownership, Life Cycle Costing).

Completing the sourcing strategy.

Integrating sustainability requirements into the specifications.

Defining sustainable procurement criteria.

Selecting suppliers (assessing suppliers capacity, prequalifying suppliers, managing tenders, awarding the contract).

Contract management and reviewing/learning.

Workshop Circular Procurement

Target group: Managers, Staff, Procurement people, R&D experts, Budget holders. Duration: 2 workshops of 4 hours each.

Workshop content:

It is crucial for Procurement Professionals and relevant internal Management, Staff, (R&D experts) to understand how to use procurement as a leverage for the Circular Economy. The organization will be supported in how to benefit from international best practices.

Learning points

The participants will receive international knowledge and expertise for the following topics:

What is Circular Economy in relation to Procurement?

How can circularity be integrated into Sustainable Procurement?

What can be done to leverage the impact within the procurement process?

What is the role of Management, Staff, Budget holders, (R&D experts)?

How to measure circularity performance of suppliers?

How to benefit from existing best practices as BS 8001 Circular Economy, ISO 20400, Cradle-to-cradle and EllenMacArthurFoundation?