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How to measure your contribution?

Benefit from GRI and UN Global Compact

In practice many private companies are struggling to align their business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to the SDG Targets and their KPIs.

About 35-40% of the 223 KPIs of the SDGs are applicable to Governmental organizations and not for private companies.

One of the best methods to tackle this problem is using the Practical guide of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and UN Global Compact.

Download GRI-UNGC Reporting on the SDGs

Green city example

A practical example how to measure ‘Greening of Cities’ and SDG contribution

NL Greenlabel

A Social Enterprise called NL Greenlabel has developed a method for contributing to ‘Green’ cities, biodiversity and circular procurement. This was done several years ago, without having the SDGs. Their method was made concrete and measurable with KPIs and different levels of performance.

A SDG workshop with the experts of NL Greenlabel made clear that their KPIs could be aligned to quite some SDG targets and KPIs. The main goals that were aligned appeared to be SDG 11, 12 and 15.

NL Greenlabel is located in The Netherlands.

Visit NL Greenlabel