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Benefit from the best sustainabilty workshops

Your organization can benefit from workshops, based on the best sustainability frameworks in the world. You can choose from a variety of modules like:

Executive Overview, ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement, Circular Procurement, Circular Economy (BS 8001 and ISO/TC 323), ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility, Integrated Reporting (GRI, <IR> Framework, ISO 26000 Self Declaration) and more (f.e. LCA and Life Cycle Thinking).

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Management & Consultancy

Strategic advice:

  • Developing organizational strategies that are sustainable in an integrated way.
  • Advising & Coaching CSR Steering Committees.
  • Drafting of Sustainability Policies and Implementation plans.
  • Defining relevant Business models for Circular Economy.
  • Advising priority setting and measurement of CSR.
  • Guiding the application of frameworks for ISO 26000, ISO 20400 and BS 8001.

Interim management:

  • Interim/Projectmanagement of CSR Steering Committees.
  • Interim CSR Management.
  • Managing CSR Implementation plans.
  • Projectmanagement for Circular Economy pilots.


  • Drafting Integrated Reports with regard to the sustainability aspects.
  • Paying special report attention to frameworks like GRI, Integrated Reporting Framework (IIRC) and the ISO 26000 Self Declaration.

Vision on a sustainable economy and world

Every organization and every person can contribute to a better and sustainable world.

It is a learning process for everyone: every organization, its leadership, employees and its customers, suppliers, partners, government, NGOs, citizens and all other stakeholders.

Together we can sustain all value chains, create fair economic systems and health and welfare for all societies. Leaving no one behind!

Our mission

‘Creating sustainable economic, social and ecological systems: leaving no one behind’.

We aim for maximizing our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. With an Inclusive Society on top. Supported by fair and circular economic systems. With respect for nature.

Since 2003

Learn2improve your planet is based in The Netherlands and founded in 2003 by Hans Kröder, who is an International Sustainability Expert.

Chamber of Commerce nr. 30183583

VAT nr. NL8116.51.460B01

Address: Turfschouw 3, 3402 BK, IJSSELSTEIN, The Netherlands

Phone: +31 6 22 459 541