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ISO 26000 Workshops

Your organization can benefit from more than 10 years of experience in workshops and training material for the application of ISO 26000.

This will help your organizational strategy to become sustainable in a practical and integrated way. Applicable to public organizations, private companies and NGOs!

Executive Overview Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Target group: CEOs, Presidents, Directors, (Senior) Management, Staff, Duration: 4 hours

Workshop content:

The content of this module is crucial for leadership to understand the bigger and complex picture of sustainability. It helps to understand the overall sustainability and (C)SR ‘puzzle’ and the relevance and relationships between the various elements.

Leadership will become able to communicate about (Corporate) Social Responsibility at the right level to different stakeholders like Government, Business Industry, Suppliers and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Learning points

This workshop gives insight for leadership into:

What are important international norms of behaviour for Human Rights and Labour Rights?

What are the most adopted ISO standards/frameworks and best practice instruments for implementing (C)SR?

How can the organization profit from these standards in relation with integrated reporting?

How can address the OECD Guidelines for Responsible Business Conduct and Due Diligence at the same time?

How does this all fit with Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Agenda 2030?

Policy and strategy with ISO 26000

Target group: CEOs, Directors, (Senior) Management, Staff. Duration: 2 workshops of 4 hours each

Workshop content:

This workshop assists an organization to review and strengthen the policy and strategy to become sustainable and future proof. We ask you to include a multi-level and multi-functional team of your organization to participate in this workshop. With a well experienced approach we can work effectively on setting the right goals and objectives. We will focus on a sustainable strategy instead of a strategy for sustainability.

Learning points

This workshop provides a practical review and insight and advice for improvement of:

Principles for (Corporate) Social Responsibility and your ethical codes of conducts.

Core subjects and issues for (Corporate) Social Responsibility.

Stakeholder engagement communication and value chain responsibility.

Goals and objectives for (C)SR in the current policy and strategy.

Main steps and consideration for (further) integration of (C)SR.

Setting the priorities with ISO 26000

Target group: Directors, (Senior) Management, Staff, Project managers. Duration: 2 workshops of 4 hours each

Workshop content:

This workshop is very crucial to the organization, because almost every organization struggles with setting the right priorities for (C)SR. The workshop will help you in establishing the right (C)SR priorities, to strengthen the alignment with vision, mission, policy, strategy and stakeholder interests. The organization will also receive insight in relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for (C)SR.

Learning points

This workshop provides expertise regarding:

Factors for determining the relevance of (C)SR issues.

Criteria for determining the significance of (C)SR issues.

Managerial considerations for establishing (C)SR priorities.

Best practice approach: ‘priority matrix’ with the issue / stakeholder / process / KPI focus.

Practical implementation of (C)SR with ISO 26000

Target group: (Senior) Management, Staff, Quality management, CSR management, Operation managers, Project managers, Professionals. Duration: 8 hours

Workshop content:

This workshop is very important to leverage the implementation of (C)SR: ‘The proof of the (C)SR pudding is in the implementation’. The practical and integrated implementation steps of ISO 26000 will be explained. This will build social responsibility into the organization’s governance, systems and processes.

Learning points

The participants will receive hands-on expertise for the integration of (C)SR and the relevant process steps. The workshop will explain best practices of the application of ISO 26000:

ISO 26000 implementation ‘step-by-step plan’.

(C)SR implementation planning template.

Extra added value:

The integration of (C)SR in relation to the ISO High Level Structure (HLS) can be embedded in this workshop.