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A unique voyager from Germany (and India)

How can organizations be supported in a practical way to contribute to the SDGs?

Prof. Dr. Annette Kleinfeld

Prof. Dr. Annette Kleinfeld (Professor of Business & Society at the Konstanz University of Applied Sciences) in Germany worked for three years to develop the SDG Voyager. ‘A practical guide to align business excellence with SDGs’.

Annette Kleinfeld was supported from the beginning by Monika Shukla from India. Other contributors are Anna-Katarina Zubrod, Ann-Katrin Ottsen, Adriana Venkova, Anna Lena Kamitz and Hans Kröder.

Profiting from the best sustainability frameworks

Organizations using the SDG Voyager can profit from the best sustainability frameworks that are globally most adopted: ISO 26000 and ISO 20400.

By using these international frameworks it allows an organization to receive guidance on practical implementation activities. Because the SDGs will not tell you how to ‘implement’ them. ISO 26000 and ISO 20400 are holistic frameworks for thinking and acting.

Download the SDG Voyager for free

Strengthen your practical contribution to the SDGs.

The SDG Voyager supports organizations to detect relevant SDG issues (targets) and provides guidance to fulfil their responsibilities towards stakeholders and society.