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Involving leadership is crucial

SDG workshops for DENSO (mobility sector) are being conducted throughout Europe. It all begins with involving top leadership, by starting a workshop for the Presidents of the European companies.

Raising awareness

Involving all levels and departments of an organization is needed for contributing to the SDGs. Many people feel that the SDGs are important, not only for their work and company, but also for their daily life including family. Providing information and raising awareness is good first step. We try to touch people in the heart. Our experiences are that this releases a lot of positive energy. People are motivated to act and not just talk.

Focussing on core business

CEOs speak about return on investment, shareholder value and continuity. The SDGs try to connect to that language as well. Focussing on the core business, stakeholder interests in a broad perspective and the relation to the SDGs is a challenging situation.

However it is needed to analyse where changes in the core business and core processes may be necessary for a future proof (i.e. sustainable) strategy. This is why workshops are being conducted for management and staff, to move in the right direction towards 2030.

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