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What is the contribution of The Netherlands?

As follow-up to the successful Convenorship for ad-hoc group Measuring Circularity (led by Hans Kröder in 2019), Royal NEN from The Netherlands is facilitating the leadership and secretariat of ISO/TC 323 Circular Economy – Working Group 3 ‘Measuring circularity’ since May 2020.

Taking leadership for ‘Measuring Circularity’

Royal NEN is facilitating the leadership and secretariat of ISO/TC 323 Working Group 3 ‘Measuring circularity’.

Nan van Oldenbeek is Secretariat since August 2022 and Hans Kröder is Convenor (Chair) since the beginning in May 2020.

NEN being active from the start

At the start: Experts from the Dutch Mirror Committee have played a very active role in the international dialogues in 2019. Solange Blaszkowski (Philips), Lex Eschauzier (Constantis), Marc Balder (Royal NEN) and Hans Kröder participated in the first meeting in Paris (May 2019).

This resulted in a proposal from NEN to develop an ISO standard on ‘Measuring and assessing circularity’. This proposal was accepted in April 2020 and became ISO 59020. All the preparatory work was led by Hans Kröder on behalf of NEN.

Rwanda, Kigali 26-30 September 2022