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Join and become a Circular Champion

Watch out!

in September 2023 a special Circular Championship Program will be launched. It enables organizations to pre-sort towards a circular future.

Organizations can become circular champions in their sector.

The unique expertise based on working on the ISO CE standards (ISO 59004, 59010 and 59020) will provide business opportunities for private and public organizations.

Ready for the target group?

The target group for this Circular Champions program consists of organizations from the private and public sector that show ambition to apply circularity in their processes and chain activities.

  • Private sector: especially companies who are doing international business (sales, distribution, procurement, production, assembling, B2B, B2C) and who are willing to enhance their circular performances (processes, products, services, projects).
  • Public sector: organizations from the (semi) public sector who are open to include circular (and sustainable) criteria into procurement.

Government organizations can profit from new global insights regarding territorial, geographical circularity for communities, cities, regions and countries.

Three Program lines for learning

The Circular Championship Program 2023 – 2026 consists of three different lines, each strengthening the internal and external communication, collaboration and exchange of expertise and practices:

  • A collective track.
  • Learning by doing in the value chain.
  • Implementation and pilot(s).

Download Factsheet Circular Champions Program

Workshops Circular Economy

Currently, our training portfolio consists of four workshops:

  • Circular economy insights and international developments.
  • Circular procurement.
  • Strategies and business models for the circular economy.
  • Measurement of circularity.

Plus ‘Customized CASE workshops’:

  • CE pilot or case (private and public sector)
  • CE business models (private sector)
  • CE business strategies (private sector)
  • Circular procurement case (private sector)
  • Circular procurement tender (public sector)