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Stakeholder / communication matrix

Stakeholder / communication matrix

The stakeholder communication matrix is a tool that displays the SR communication with stakeholders. It enables the organization to obtain an overview of the SR issues and the required communication about those issues with stakeholders. The matrix uses important input from the issue matrix.

The matrix has a twofold objective:

  1. Providing an overview of the SR communication with stakeholders;
  2. Involving the organization and assigning those responsible.


Structuring the SR communication

Communication on SR requires a thoroughly considered and goal-oriented approach. The nature, depth and frequency of communication may differ per stakeholder. Two-way communication and dialogue with stakeholders depend on the issue and the impact on the stakeholder or the organization. One-way communication and 'supplying' (newsletters and product information) or 'picking up' (website information and an SR report) can be sufficient in specific cases. The stakeholder communication matrix is a tool for structuring the communication.

Table: Example of a stakeholder communication matrix

Stakeholder (category)

SR issue/aspect

Communication (form)

Primary manager

Communication frequency

Customers (distributors)

Fair marketing of SR aspects of new products

Information sessions + special SR product folder

Sales Manager

1 x per quarter

Customers (consumers)

Fair marketing of SR aspects of new products

Product data + support by telephone (reactive)

Customer Service Manager

Daily support by telephone


Using home working options for office staff

Department sessions and pilot

Department head (+ HRM support)

Every month

Sector organizations

Establishing criteria for dealing with lithium waste

Special sector working group meeting

Production Manager

2 x per year


(from Eastern Europe)

Safety officers in the production process of batteries

Dialogue during special suppliers meeting

Procurement Manager

Ad hoc (min. 1 a year)


(From Asia)

Working conditions for women in factories

Site visits + awareness-raising programme

Procurement Manager

Ad hoc (min. 1 a year)

Local residents

Smell pollution during the summer months

Open forum with local residents

QHSE Manager

2 x during the May to September period

Local government

Creating more youth employment

Dialogue on work/school project

HRM Manager

September + January


The issue matrix forms the basis of the stakeholder communication matrix; the first two columns have been adopted:

  • Stakeholder (category)
  • SR issues

The matrix also contains the following columns:

  • Communication type
  • Primary manager
  • Communication frequency

The following columns may be optionally added:

  • Impact of stakeholder on the organization
  • Priority per stakeholder (category)