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Tool Self Declaration ISO 26000 (NEN)

Tool Self Declaration ISO 26000 (NEN)

The Dutch Mirror Committee ISO 26000 has developed together with National Standard Body NEN a practical tool to enlarge the credibility of organizations that are properly using ISO 26000 to integrate social responsibility.

The result is a national code of practice called: “Guidance on self declaration ISO 26000”, with number: NEN NPR 9026.

The development and pilot testing took 1,5 year (from April 2010 till November 2011).

Since November 2011 more than 100 organizations have published the self declaration.

Please have a look at the Ducth Publication Platform: (however language is Dutch)

40 guiding questions

The most important part of the NPR 9026 are the 40 guiding questions for the self-assessment (internal review) subdivided in 4 main elements of ISO 26000:

  1. SR principles
  2. Stakeholders (identification and engagement)
  3. SR core subjects and issues (relevance, significance, priority, actions and results)
  4. Implementation of SR throughout the organization.

Actually in the NPR the most essential content of ISO 26000 is transferred into questions. This process did not include any interpretation of ISO 26000. The questions are generic and in the answers an organization can show how they apply ISO 26000 in their specific situation.

Annexes with templates

In annexes 3 templates are provided for:

  1. statement of application by CEO
  2. reporting of the review: answers to the questions, evidence and practical examples
  3. a matrix on prioritization of core subjects and 37 issues (relevance, significance and priority).

Supporting tools

NEN has developed a web-based electronic tool that assists an organization in answering the questions and providing a report.

NEN facilitates a public website where organizations can post their statement of application with the supporting information. In this way the statements are transparently available to the general public and can easily be find.

Derived from the NPR questions also a quick scan and detailed scan have been developed, that an organization can apply to review its current position in applying ISO 26000.


Self Declaration ISO 26000 Example

Self Declaration ISO 26000 Example

Example of the Self Declaration ISO 26000 by milk producing company Friesland Campina.

Download example here.