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Tool implementation matrix

Tool implementation matrix

The implementation matrix maps important process steps for the implementation of SR described by ISO 26000.



The tool has been developed because it has been requested by a number of SR management groups for achieving an overview of the implementation's coordination.

The matrix has been derived from a step-by-step plan implementation plan developed by NEN & Hans Kröder for the application of ISO 26000, which is fully aligned to the ISO 26000 subclauses.

The implementation matrix has a twofold objective:

  1. Mapping important process steps for SR implementation, including the required results (deliverables).
  2. Involving departments and assigning responsible individuals and activity initiators.

Integrated plan with customised deliverables

The implementation approach should result in SR assurance during day-to-day operations or, to put in other words, in SR investment in the line organization. The cases have shown that there is a need for a plan to implement SR based on ISO 26000. Every organization has its own practices to achieve this ranging from programme management, project management, change management to a personal implementation approach. Nevertheless, there is a need for a general integrated plan, with the need for customised deliverables.

Responsible owner per step

Every implementation step will be given a sector or department as its 'owner' where the relevant manager will have final responsibility. An implementation step includes multiple implementation activities where the following is specified for each activity:

  • Which other departments should also contribute?
  • Which person is the coordinator?

The required result and the quarter when delivery will take place are determined for each implementation activity.

The implementation matrix offers a good outline for the SR management group for coordinating the implementation. It also provides input for more detailed implementation plans.


Implementation matrix for download

Implementation matrix for download

The implementation matrix gives structure to the implementation activities of ISO 26000 and its deliverables.