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Hans Kröder International Expert

Hans Kröder International Expert

CSR, ISO 26000 and Sustainable Procurement (ISO 20400)

Hans Kröder is active member of the two Dutch Mirror Committees for Sustainable Procurement and Social Responsibility. He was directly involved at the original drafting of the international Social Responsibility guidance standard, called ISO 26000.

Hans Kröder’s background is business economy, with experience in the implementation of processes and information systems. Hans is business entrepreneur since 1998 and since 2003 Director and Advisor via his company ‘Learn2improve your planet’.

ISO 26000 Strategic Advisory Group representative

Since November 2007 Hans represents worldwide one of the six Social Responsibility stakeholder groups, named:  Service Support Research and Others (SSRO). He has been elected in 2010 for the Strategic Advisory Group of the ISO 26000 Post Publication Organization (PPO).

Practical experience

Since 2009 Hans Kröder has guided more than 60 organizations (national and international) in a variety of branches with the implementation of social responsibility and the use of ISO 26000. He assisted more than 35 organizations with social responsibility reporting based on the NEN Self Declaration for ISO 26000.


Since April 2010 Hams Kröder contributes to Erasmus University at Rotterdam to the CSR Master Education.

International work

Hans Kröder contributes to workshops and seminars in many countries like South Korea, Indonesia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Surinam, 17 African countries (East, West, South), Belgium, England and Russia.


Hans Kröder has published two best practice handbooks on ISO 26000:

handbook ISO 26000 medium sized and large organizations

handbook ISO 26000 for the real small enterprises (SMEs)


Contact information

Contact information

Hans Kröder


Mobile phone: +31. 6 22 459 541

Skype: kroderhans-skype

Twitter: ISO26000HKroder